• Concept design (interiors and exteriors);
  • Preliminary design (interiors and exteriors);
  • Detail design (interiors and exteriors);
  • Final design book;


The partnership between GFG Rail, one of the leading train designers brand worldwide, 
and Woojin, world-acclaimed APM producer, finds its roots in the outstanding works each of the member companies has produced over the years. The excellence in any of the fields represented for this project is combined to an unmatched international composition.

This has given the undoubted advantage of having the possibility to analyze pros and cons of similar projects in various areas of the world, profiting of the precious dif ferences in cultures of the players and teaming them up to produce the best possible result.

In particular, the long-term collaboration between GFG Rail and Ansaldo Groups brought to the idea of uniting the train stylists and the airport architects to produce an APM intended as an iconic airport travel experience, in all of its aspects.

A vehicle developed following one specific idea: that of creating a high-quality, iconic vehicle which could contribute to giving its passengers a unique experience, in which the perception of the environment is that of a safe, deeply detailed airport, tailored for the best services to its user.

This project saw GFG Rail and Woojin presenting an aesthetic research conceived as a whole, embracing aspects of architecture, design, philosophy and psychology.
To produce the result you will see in this slideshow, GFG Rail worked ceaselessly, continuously interfacing with Woojin to create a vehicle uniting form and function.

Most specifically, the designers analyzed every aesthetic aspect which could help a commuter travel in an exceptional environment, making those few minutes an immensely gratifying experience.