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A brand of Giugiaro Architettura, GFG Rail is a 100% Italian company totally dedicated to design services within the rolling stock industry. Based on the experience of its founders and creative leads, Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro, two of the most well-known designers in history, active in the fields of architecture and industrial design, GFG Rail takes benefit of more than 30 years of experience in the sector of its team.

Giorgetto is known all over the world as one of the most successful designers in automotive history. Fabrizio has been active in car design, industrial design and in the planning and development of car interiors and exteriors for public and private clients. They have been directly responsible for creating over 300 standard production models and more than 200 research prototypes for numerous different manufacturers.


The clear belief that rail is the future of mobility have brought our designers to specialize in the sector, providing creative but feasible projects that are always based on the interface with the Client and the in-depth analysis of his targets and constraints. This has brought to close collaborations with the various departments of our Clients in order to create trains that can match the expectations of manufacturers, operators and passengers.

Metros, trams, people movers, regional and high speed trains, any of these projects in the public mobility sector have been tackled by GFG Rail with most of the major manufacturers in the world.


GFG Rail has established the conditions that allow it to develop the personal skills of every designer, engineer and architect working in the company to build up public mobility projects with the facilities of a new styling centre in Moncalieri, in the outskirts of Turin, that generates innovative ideas using the most futuristic simulation and virtual reality technologies; the development of models and styling prototypes benefits from the specialist collaboration agreements consolidated in 50 years of activity during the long and successful career of the Giugiaros and thanks to the contacts and relationships born and grown in the automotive district of Turin.


GFG Rail’s familiarity with the production processes, the marketing needs, the passenger requests and the management of tenderings was fundamental to develop faster and more efficient solutions, creating long-term relationships with our customers as designers or as design consultants. The constant aim to raise the level of design of the rolling stock world has pushed us to create a specific team of experts who can clearly understand and envision the needs and goals of the market. Nothing more than the clear philosophy which has created the success of the Giugiaro family in the field of design.