• Concept design (interiors and exteriors);
  • Preliminary design (interiors and exteriors);
  • Detail design (interiors and exteriors);
  • Final design book;
  • 1:1 scale mock-up (interiors and exteriors);
  • Interface with manufacturer suppliers;
  • Interface with manufacturer (Hitachi);
  • Interface with operator (GTT);
  • Interface with final customers and related unions (tram drivers, people with reduced mobility…).

In 2018, Hitachi, wishing to change their line of twenty-year old trams, the Sirio, commissioned us with the development of a conceptual research for a vehicle able to improve passenger experience, to improve integration with the urban environment, to improve technological features offer.

We developed a concept which subtly, but successfully, changed the aging shape of trams, by providing additional windows at roof height. The first, real vehicle, already engineered, participated to the first available tender, that for the Turin trams, and won. It will be operative at the end of 2022.