• Concept design (interiors and exteriors, no c&t);
  • Preliminary design (interiors and exteriors, no c&t);
  • Detail design (interiors and exteriors, no c&t);
  • Final design book;
  • Virtual reality – spheric panorama;
  • 1:1 prototypes of specific parts (new ceiling panels and monitor panels);
  • Interface with manufacturer and operator (Hitachi and EMR).

In 2018, Hitachi asked GFG Rail to provide a complete redesign of its AT300 train to suit the requests of East Midlands Railway. GFG Rail took care of the design development of all of the new interior areas object of intervention, first and second class saloons, vestibules, bike area, toilets.

Most of the saloon parts were completely redesigned following the interpretation of the Client’s needs after extensive analysis, from luggage racks to side panels, from monitors to ceiling, from lighting to seats.
A completely new bike area has been developed to provide better access and usability.

Schedule of finishings instead has been provided by EMR’s design consultant, who interfaced directly with our designers to better understand the design aspects around which he would have had to provide colors and finishises.

All the train has been recreated in a virtual panorama presentation, in order to allow the Client to analyze, with spheroscopic photorealism, every element of the train, moving in space within the different areas via a specifically developed application to be used on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

The collaboration resulted in the new British Class 810 Aurora.