• Concept design (interiors and exteriors);
  • Preliminary design (interiors and exteriors);
  • Final Design Book;
  • Interface with manufacturer (Bombardier).


Omneo represents one of the top products of Bombardier Transportation, already ordered by nine French regional governments in its urban and regional versions.

In 2015, GFG Rail worked on the design of a special version for Bombardier, the Interville, with specific focus on trying to create new modern solutions which could elevate train design into more modern trends.

The design was inspired by the most modern standards of luxury and home decoration as for colors, motives, materials, details and wide reclining seats with individual armrests, tablet, footrest, reading light and electric power supply.

The carriages were characterized by large doors, large vestibules and flexibility in the configuration of internal equipment with specific design researches in special areas.
A specific, in-depth research was developed for the new seats, with different proposals analyzed in terms of shapes and functions, both for first and second class.

New multifunctional walls and displays were designed for the vestibules, in order to give the users the best possible passenger experience.

Externally, the biggest focus was on the lights. Considering these the eyes of any vehicle, the designers developed various proposals to make the front end of the train change with a more aggressive and technological aspect.