• Concept design (interiors and exteriors);
  • Design vision
  • Final design book;
  • Interaction with manufacturer for feasibility of conceptual solutions


In 2018, Hitachi, wishing to change their line of twenty-year old trams, the Sirio, commissioned us with the development of a conceptual research for a vehicle able to improve passenger experience, to improve integration with the urban environment, to improve the technological features offer. We developed a concept which subtly, but successfully, changed the aging shape of trams

The first step was to analyze the cross section and redefine it, providing additional, diagonal windows, at roof height. This enabled active and passive users of the tram to better appreciate the scenery around them, for example when passing through scenic areas in a city.

The second step was to stylistically create new shapes of the tram which could make it look fantastic despite the new, innovative, cross-section.

The third step, along with Hitachi’s R&D experts, was to create a series of features which could allow a better passenger experience, with four major bullet points: 1 – Urban Integration, 2 – Energy saving and environment, 3 – Safety, 4 – Passenger Experience.

The first tram deriving from our concept participated to the first available tender, that for the Turin trams, and won.